SCORE and BTMP Alliance

The Black Technology Mentorship Program (BTMP)

Black entrepreneurs are facing better opportunities to reach what was once impossible goals, now to meet technology readiness for better jobs or becoming entrepreneurs by signing up with BTMP.

At BTMP, we are working to change how things were by removing obstacles and providing high-level awareness support.

The Black Technology Mentorship Program (BTMP) is a mentor mentee program that inspires, educates, and brings underserved Black communities into multiple-choice curriculums within technology.

BTMP is a referral for clients establishing a technology start-up or new technology services to their existing business. BTMP is a global organization that meets the needs of all people and these courses and programs are free to use.



BTMP supports our entrepreneurs by providing a variety of resources and guidance to start and run their new business.

A new idea in technology.

Drive for success; Pioneer focus.

Strong business consistency.

Willingness to learn; Entrepreneurial mindset.

Incentives: Active participants receive a free built website, domain address, pitch deck and funding opportunities.


A series of five programs designed to maximize the viability of the startup path from inception to market scale.


A ten class introductory course on becoming an entrepreneurial pioneer and what it means to be one.


Our pre-filtration system that advises prospective startups on processes, needs, and documentation to minimize difficulties and mistakes common in the startup industry.


With our incubator partnerships, we help secure startups resources, funding, advisory, and experienced mentor guidance to build out your products in depth.


Our accelerator platforms provide startups with everything needed to finish the last mile to market.

Post Modern Mentorship

Even after going to market, startups often need a little extra support on marketing, advertising, and handling growth and scale. We provide access to advisors to continue building together.



Pipelines is BTMP’s career training ground for participants to grow personally and professionally while preparing to be highly effective employees.

We provide the opportunity for members to receive technical training, soft skills training, and job experience under the same umbrella. We do this through simulation development and virtual internships.

Our application process matches the rigor of the program. It consists of an essay, multiple rounds of interviews, completing a questionnaire, and conducting a panel presentation.


BTMP teaches advanced and up-to-date standards for those entering entrepreneurship, who’ll rely heavily on technical uses and methodologies to manage their businesses. Our offerings are focused on pro-actively grooming talent to be prepared for long-term success in technology and our “last mile” approach bridges the gap between academia and tech careers. Our innovative and immersive education reimagined ensures the internalization of comprehensive skills, as well as fostering the social skills necessary for long-term success in a tech career and/or launching a tech startup.

We specialize in technology development for entrepreneurs and career placement onboarding within the following spaces: 

  • Technology Design & Coding Courses 
  • AR / VR / XR 
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Computer Operating Systems
  • Data Science
  • Database Types & Applications
  • Programing Language Syntax
  • Machine Learning
  • Networking
  • Robotic Training
  • Security/Cybersecurity
  • Soft Skills Development
  • Software Architecture & Design
  • User Experience
  • and more

BTMP stands apart from others with our:

  • Robust 6-9 Month Technology Entrepreneur Program 
  • OnDemand Technologist Lecture Library
  • Technical Advisory Mentors
  • Startup Investor Advisory Mentors 
  • Emergent Technology Mentors
  • Startup Pitch Practices & Lightning Rounds
  • Pitch Deck & Business Plan Development