Christopher Lafayette

Emergent Technologist | Humanitarian

Christopher is an emergent technologist in virtual and augmented reality applying his talents to the metaverse, medtech, education, web3 and applied sciences.

He is working for a more equitable culture in technology serving as a Silicon Valley national and international speaker, thought leader and an advocate for greater expansion of community in technology that includes cross culture and inclusion considerations.

Gatherverse is the brainchild of Christopher Lafayette. Chris saw a critical need for going beyond the technical aspects of creating the metaverse to include humanity itself in the conversation about what a metaverse can and should be, and how it could best benefit those who will ultimately inhabit it.

As the Founder of The Black Technology Mentorship Program, he is creating entrepreneurs and professionals of tomorrow through proper incubation and acceleration, career path and apprenticeship.

Christopher has worked with and advised companies and organizations such as Google, Meta, NFL, Merlin Entertainments, European Commission, Nikko Hotels, NBA, Linux Foundation, Cisco, Microsoft, Salesforce, Verizon, Stanford University, Duke University, San Jose College of Engineering, UCLA, renowned chefs, musicians and hundreds of startups.

He sits on various advisory councils and boards.
He’s bringing thousands of communities and millions of people into the metaverse, humanely.

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The Metaverse

Artificial Intelligence

Tech Inclusion


Removing Barriers to Innovation

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Past Speaking Engagements

COABE 2023

Atlanta, Georgia
Oya Media Group

Oya Media Group

Vancouver Canada

Eberhard Karls University

Tübingen Germany

IME West, 2023

Anaheim CA

WICT Tech It out 2022


Department of Rehabilitation

San Francisco

AWE USA, 2022

Santa Clara, California

Laval Virtual, 2022

France, Europe

2022 XR Access Symposium

Virtual Event



Berkeley Haas


Verizon Media

New York, New York

Juniper Networks


The Linux Foundation

San Francisco, California


Los Angeles, United States

XR Access Symposium

Virtual Event

KubeCon + CloudNativeCon

San Francisco, California


Los Angeles, United States


Belgium, Brussels

Mayo Clinic

Minnesota, Minneapolis


Menlo Park, California

Global HR Summit


Blacks in Technology Conference

Minnesota, Twin Cities

Laval Virtual

Laval, France

Virtual World Society

Seattle, Washington


San Jose, California

VR 4 Everyone Conference

Palo Alto, California

Holodeck Engineering Lecture

San Jose, California

Virtual Reality Global Forum

Alberta, Canada

VRX Conference

San Francisco, California

Augmented World Expo

Santa Clara, California

Miami VR Expo

Miami, Florida


San Francisco, California


New York, New York

Blacks in Technology

New York, New York


San Francisco, California


San Francisco, California

Black Technology Mentorship Program

A Mentor Mentee program that inspires, educates and brings underserved black communities into technology.

Magazine Articles

VRDays Europe

New Horizons

Christopher Lafayette is an Emergent Technolgiest in Medtech, XR and AI. He also advocates to make Tech more inclusive. If Developers are Diverse, so are the worlds they create.

AV Magazine

If we’re going to extend reality, then we must bring reality with it. If we see the narrative discussion that’s happening all around the world regarding racial equality, it’s evident in business that things need to change.

Realcomm EDGE

The Holodeck Story: A Digital Journey

Today we’re building spatial tools and experiences, but tomorrow we’ll be building populated immersive worlds in which real estate firms will be selling and brokering digital spaces, in droves.

Laval Virtual

The Approach to Space for Extended Reality 

In the process of developing medical Holodecks
With new and scaling adoption of virtual and augmented reality. Hospitals are discovering more ways to incorporate this technology into their programs.

Featured In


Building a MedTech Metaverse

Machine Design

Building a MedTech Metaverse

Manufacturing Happy Hour

How the Metaverse will Impact Manufacturing with Christopher Lafayette

CIO - The voice of IT leadership

Mentoring tomorrow’s Black IT leaders


Open source effort seeks to build tech diversity into code

Chill Magazine

Black Men Can Tech
Creating a Global Metaverse Community with Gatherverse Founder Christopher Lafayette

The Metaverse Insider

Creating a Global Metaverse Community with Gatherverse Founder Christopher Lafayette

Insight News

Turning Silicon Valley into Melanin Valley


Virtual reality, at the M9 the European Immersive Computing Summit

Giornale delle PMI

The European cultural and creative industry has 7 million people employed and 2.5 million companies

Startup Business

Virtual reality, appointment in Mestre at EICS, 27 and 28 June

3E @ VRX

San Francisco – Christopher Lafayette, The Armada

VR Scout

Vancouver VR/AR Global Summit

Industria Italiana

EICS-European Immersive Computing Summit 2019: the present of virtual reality and augmented reality

Written Blogs

Transitioning platforms to virtual

Platforms across the globe are catapulting into Immersive and emergent environments. I’m listening to these companies everyday and lending guidance during the process.


I’ve been graciously invited to speak around the world and lecture on a variety of subjects both in-person and virtually.



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“You never thought that hip–hop would take it this far.”

We now live in the time of more expressions, greater expansions of art and emerging technologies.

We’ve made a platform founded by designers, lovers of music and builders of technology.

Over the decades of growth of Hip Hop culture and the advent of Crypto Assets, NFTs, Blockchain FinTech and the Metaverse, we were presented with the opportunity to bring it together into one.

These are our first early steps of Hip Hop Coins.

The next step in the evolution of Hip Hop…

The pairing of Art + Music + Technology



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