Mentor Training Schedule

Our areas of focus for Mentee developement

Week 1

Mentorship introduction – DONE

(only required meeting)

July 8th

Week 2

Exploring Intersections of Culture and Technology:
Dealing with Racism, Implicit and Explicit Biases – DONE

August 5th

Week 3

Climate Tech
Technical ideation towards climate responsibility. – DONE

August 12th

Week 4

Removing Barriers to Innovation

October 1st

Week 5

The Importance of Black culture in Technology

October 14th

Week 6

The Expected Impact of Mentorship

October 21st

Week 7

Becoming a Better Ally for Black Communities

October 28th

Week 8

Post Modern Apprenticeship

November 4th

We host Q&A after each session, to facilitate candid and open discussion, while respecting diversity in thought and opinion.



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