Transitioning platforms to virtual

Platforms across the globe are catapulting into Immersive and emergent environments. We’re listening to these companies everyday and lending around guidance during the process.

Build Immersive
I’m often invited to speak around the world and lecture on the current and future states of virtual and intelligent emergent technologies. I’m leading a team to help make these technologies a reality on the client level.



Spoken Events

Focus Topics


We’re setting standards in virtual tech by building content with an emphasis on quality.

Building Immersive

Quality rendered is met at a premium standard. Content hyper realism is measured in everything we build.

The Focus

Prime 3D Assets

Sophisticated XR experiences require the best 3D models to resonate with your customers, and that means they need to be packed with storytelling cues, optimized efficiently, visually convincing and built with the end product in mind. From the research, concept art and base mesh phase to retopologized, fully rigged and textured models.

XR Experiences

Developing purpose-built VR & AR applications that detect images, recognize and track 3D objects, and can understand user environments to allow them to interact with the virtual and physical space around them.
Generally building with C#, C++, Python, webGL and engines such as Unity and Unreal.

UI/UX Design

What good is your application if no one understands how to use it? Maximize the effectiveness of your purchase funnel and technical solution by outlining a clear UX flow. Sleek aesthetics are important, but secondary to a fully-functioning experience.


Combining traditional 2D painting and illustration principles with digital mediums to produce concept art, spot illustrations, visual development and storyboards.

Case studies

Project :

Multi-user VR holodeck hospital simulation

Our concept artist created a mockup using Photoshop to demonstrate how active hospital simulations using MR/VR can help visualize what future hospitals will look like. This example illustrates a visualization tool for hospital staff and builders to understand what a hospital might look like as it’s being developed.

AAA-quality assets for clients, including photoreal environment assets, props, vehicles and characters. We also offer on-site 3D scanning, as well as CAD file optimization and conversion to OBJ/FBX.

Project :

Salem’s Ashes ​- Unreal game level

We built a game level using the Unreal engine, 3ds Max, ZBrush and Allegorithmic’s Substance software suite. Our 3D artists contributed models and concept art to this project, as well as in-engine scene setup, lighting, animations and particle systems.
Project :

ECS-Screening – AR Cancer detection tool

We conducted research, created multiple storyboards and art direction documentation for a pharmaceutical company that’s developing an early screening and detection tool for cancer. Our animator created a storyboard that demonstrates how the ECS-Screening tool works. This was to be shown at medical trade shows for other doctors and pharmaceutical companies to understand the benefits of AR.



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