How much does it cost to participate?

The cost is free. The price is commitment.

What are the benefits of this program:


  • Cultivating talent and influencing positive outcomes.
  • Expanded networking opportunities with industry leaders.
  • Participating in cutting edge strategies to improve livelihood in the wake of 4IR.
  • Contributing to the increase of advanced skilled workers in low-income areas.

How will sessions be conducted?

Each session is a 45 minute lecture with a 15min minute Q/A session at the end.

Some sessions will have guest experts to hold part or whole entire sessions.

The idea is for mentors to listen, learn and elevate your understanding when it comes to black community mentorship for emergent technologies.

How do I sign up?

Sign up forms for Mentors, Mentees, Ally’s and Volunteers are all located on the Christopher Lafayette website.

How can I help?

We have those who will speak and lecture as well as handle Q/A sessions.

Logistically, we’ll need people and companies that can contribute useful information and Resources regarding technology careers and entrepreneurship geared toward and or welcoming to everyone in the black community.

Most importantly, we need you to share this program with others.

If you care enough to see this happen, we ask that you help share.

Awareness and lack of resources is the hardest part.

What do I need for this course?

A device with WiFi or 4G that can handle a Zoom conference.

Also, it’s recommended to take written or audio notes.

What will I learn from this experience?

Many people will come away with different yet refined understandings of career placement, development and entrepreneurship in technology.

What should I bring?

A desire to learn and grow.

Leadership focus.



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