Christopher Lafayette


It’s what separates and brings cultures together. In the vestigial flight of diversity in my mind. I’m looking toward a new realm of underrepresented verbiage that binds and brings culture together with the urgent need of platform development, market reach, revenue drive and scale in the business sector.

As someone who’s dived into the deep trenches of Diversity & Inclusion, and has spoken on the subject across the country, I’m ready to move forward towards better steps that brings inclusivity to any and everyone.
With the advent rise of emergent technologies;

Artificial Intelligence, Spatial Computing, Intelligent Robotics, 5G, Autonomous Systems, High IoT, Intelligent Wearables, Crypto Second Drive, so on and so forth, we must consider that all of these technologies sojourns into the extension of humanity, contemporarily with futuristic intentions. And so, it’s essential and rather pertinent to understand, that if you’re going to extend reality, you must bring reality with it.

Reality does not look like one particular group, gender and culture. Before we elaborate. Let’s pause.

The more eco culture you have permeated throughout your ecosystem, the more functional and open your product offering becomes. Indeed. Culture is a technology. Every person is a culture. Ecoculture.

We all have different backgrounds. Come from different places and know different things. Like different music, eat different food. Been to different places. Woven through this are so many similar and identical experiences. In these differences. Collectively it makes us stronger. Makes our brands better.